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October 28, 2007


Spidra Webster

I always find it a bit tricky driving a rental car. Things are located in different places, the car has a different "road feel"... I grew up with it being called an "emergency brake" so I guess I wouldn't have had your problem. However, I've had a number of issues with the design in my 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan... The parking/emergency brake release is the same kind of release and located just below the hood latch release. So sometimes I think I've taken off the parking brake and I've only popped my hood! (hood = bonnet for you, dear)

Heather Gorringe

Ah well not to worry. As in the USA the bonnet is the hood and the boot is the trunk, do you end up with a
"Car Trunk Sale" instead of a "Car Boot Sale"?

Spidra Webster

Actually, a "car boot sale" is a "garage sale" or "yard sale" in the US. I didn't know the term "car boot sale" until a number of years ago. Even when I looked up it up in a British-American dictionary, it still mystified me. The folks in my neighborhood who try to sell you something out of their car trunk are trying to sell stolen goods.

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