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October 04, 2007


Monty Gorringe

I love skype because it's free and it is fun to use

Valerie Gorringe

Monty said skype is very good love Granny

Simon Sherlock

Do you have a webcam? We use Skype and a web cam for contacting my wifes family who or are scattered about quite a bit (one brother in Oz, one in Hong Kong, sister in Brighton and so on.

By using Skype and a webcam we see and talk to them so much more now than when they lived closer. The picture is usually about VHS quality and you already know how good the speech is. Mac laptops have them built in don't they?

Heather Gorringe

Thanks Simon
I do have a webcam and am going to try a short videoblog. I dont think Farmer Phil and Monty have a webcam - do you boys? Should have got a mac me thinks....

Simon Sherlock

For a PC anything Logitech that's a reasonable price (£30 ish) are of good quality. Forget anything from Tesco and the like for a tenner as picture quality is dire.

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