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October 11, 2007



I shouldn't think you shop much in Supermarkets back home. Good thing too.

These soup "stations" have cropped up everywhere. They serve up functional stolid soups which all come from a can--you don't actually think there is someone at the grocer who cooks? At best they can be okay, at worst they are a bacteria laden time bombs of nastiness. They are everything wrong with American eating--the desire for something fast and easy "on the run". Around the corner from that Supermarket is a small cafe wishing they could sell more of their freshly made "house" chowder, or special broth.

Have you been to a Trader Joe's while here? A world emporium of everything unsustainable, with high food miles. They are fine if you are looking for foreign ingredients at a good price. Some of their wines can't be beat. But for breakfast cereal, laundry detergent and toilet paper? I don't think those things need to quiet come from so far. They also have fallen into the bucket o' soup motif.

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