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November 20, 2007



How do we make our contributions - via email?

Jas Dhaliwal


Heather and Co. have developed a great brand and buzz around Wiggly Wigglers. The blog, podcast and Facebook group have been great successes in engaging with the community.

My recent interests in the marketing area have been around the idea of the "social object". A social object could be a catalogue, a picture, logo anything really. The idea is that social object is something that can be taken offline and into the real world. For example, Wiggly Wigglers branded stickers. The important point is that the social object becomes a talking point and more importantly the conversations that revolve around it.

I can't take credit for this, but the idea comes from Hugh Macleod over Gaping Void. But I like the idea of something (preferably given away) that gets people to think. Another example is the Blue Monster campaign. The Blue Monster and slogan is designed to start conversations around Microsoft. The message can be interpreted in many different ways.


Enough of me, but have a look at the video.


Cheers and keep up the great work!


Jas Dhaliwal

Another thought.

Take a look at http://getsatisfaction.com too

Heather Gorringe

Well I'll be!
There's a name for it - a Social Object. How cool is that! Many thanks Jas - I am going to ask Hugh McLeod if he would make a fabulous Gaping Void Wiggly Cartoon - that would be a great honour for us and so brilliant for the Wiggly catalogue readers too. Watch this space!


Sounds like an interesting project, I'll try to post something about this before the deadline.

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