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April 03, 2008



Our rural--very rural and isolated--community is beginning to do more and more with Social Networking. Lately a committee I'm on launched a forum to get farmers together-- http://www.sjcarc.org/phorum/index.php --on topics related to the local area, markets, land use, labor, and such. It's early days yet as I don't think many people have caught on. But word is spreading. I will be pushing to use the forum as a way for smaller farmers to have input on issue that our committee is discussing at our monthly meetings.

In a group of island farming communities such as ours where meetings are hard to schedule and hold for all to attend, many are held via email. I will be trying to get people up to speed with Skype. The last conference call we had via land-line was torturous. I've tried to get a wiki going for our latest hot topic issue on raising small grains for marketing locally, but I've been slow to start and getting the right format has been a difficult choice.

Check out the San Juan Islands Argicultural Resource Committee here: http://sjcarc.org/

Heather Gorringe

Thanks Podchef for the links. I have been asking for sometime now on isolated communities using Social Networks - and it seems to be that the physical isolation has prohibited keeping up with how technology can benefit. Chicken and egg syndrome.

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